Lift n Slide

The leading fenestration brand in the country, has given innovative fillip to traditional sliding doors and the result is – Lift n Slide Doors which are designed for larger openings for unobstructed views. By rotating the handle 180⁰ the door fully lifts off its seals. Our hallmark engineering precision ensures ease of function in both operations, that is, sliding and lifting.

Lift-sliding doors are the link between the inside and the outside. Frameless side elements, extra-large sizes and special solutions extend the room beyond its real borders and thus create a new sense of space. Extremely low thresholds ensure barrier-free connection to the outside. Large-scale glazing creates more light and freshens up the interior rooms. Without any effort and easy as pie the glass elements can be opened. No bulky doors which protrude into the room. No window sashes which take up precious living space. Can be perfectly combined with all Windcrakt door systems as well as sun and insect protection.

  • Easy handling due to perfectly aligned system technology
  • Double compression seals protect against draught, dust, water and loss of heat
  • Internal glazing options from 4 mm single to 36 mm triple
  • Heavy duty tandem rollers for smooth operation
  • Secure hardware fitting into steel reinforcements as standard
  • Energy saving due to excellent thermal property

Lift n slide Doors Drawing


Upvc Features

# U-PVC Window features Advantages Benefits to user
1 UV Resistance Material Prolonged life over years with consistent quality, no material degradation. No maintenance, no replacement for years to come.
2 Resist combustion. Fire retardant. Increased safety margins in times of crises
3 Lower heat co-efficient and sound dampening. Good thermal & accosting insulation. Cost savings on electricity bills and freedom from Outside noise pollution in urban areas.
4 Low maintenance Time and cost savings Its cost saving features makes it more economical.
5 Natural white color consistent surface quality No color required, natural look itself is soothing.
6 Termite proof Cannot be damaged by insects Increased life.
7 Not rotting and corrosion. Protection from natural decays Increased life and consistent product quality over years.
8 No warping or twisting. No dimensional changes or seasonal variation in size. Better functional performance.

Once The Style Has Been Chosen, Your New Window Will be Tailor Made to Your own Specifications.


Range of Colors