Un-plasticized poly-vinyl chloride, uPVC, is a specially engineered compound created after nearly 30 years of intensive research and development. uPVC has become the primary substance in the manufacture of windows, doors, and other building materials in the construction industry. Researchers and scientists emphasize that in all likelihood, there will not be another compound in the near future with better standards for durability and overall performance in outdoor commercial application products. uPVC material embodies the properties that modern world construction demands for lower maintenance costs and improved insulation and durability. uPVC also has lower production costs than aluminum and much lower maintenance costs than wood, considering it doesn't have to be repainted and resealed regularly, which allows it to maintains competitive prices making it economically attractive when compared to its traditional counterparts.

Features of uPVC Windows & Doors

  • Energy Saver
  • Termite Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Weather Proof
  • Safe
  • High Durability
  • Thermal Insulator
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Great contributor to aesthetics
  • Water Proof Material
  • Wind Resistance
  • Eco Friendly

Double Glazing

“En Craft” uPVC/PVCu, double/triple glazing saves energy up to 30% & reduces noise pollution.

Double glazing is today's general term used for replacement windows. The double glazing part of the window is the glass, or sealed unit, this comprises of two panels of glass, i.e. Double glazing or IGU (insulated glass unit) the double glazing panes are kept apart by a spacer bar which contains hundreds of tiny silica balls. It is these balls which soak up any moisture which exists in the air gap between the two panes of glass. Double glazing therefore cut down on your heating or cooling and save on energy bills without sacrificing comfort. So one can see the significant energy saving on electricity bills for cooling (A.C.) and heating equipments.

En Craft's precision engineered uPVC window profile systems offer strength and quality and is tested for various parameters from labs by already combining the best traditional and aesthetic values with the practical benefits of advanced modern material, our doors & windows provide an impressive investment that needs minimum maintenance, which in the long run proves to be more economical and retains its good look year after year..